Operational Predictions

Predictions are available tailored to your different operating requirements.

The regular prediction, shown here, is the tool for everyday operation. High resolution predictions are provided for each band and hour of the day.

All tailored to your station configuration, month of the year and the forecast or actual solar data.

Fill in a short form, submit the request and the results will be emailed to you in 2-3 minutes.

Prepare your strategy

Prepare for the upcoming contest with the Contest Strategy prediction.

This prediction provides a view of 4 bands per hour with bands selected for day and night. Quickly see how different bands are open to areas with the multipliers your need.

Maps can be generated for the whole world or for areas specific to the contest such as North America as shown in this example. The site provides map areas for different regions of the world or create one tailored to your needs.

Again, all tailored to your stations and needs and available in 2-3 minutes. Compiling this information with any other solution would take hours!

Analyze the results

After the contest, analyze the results and see how your planning translated into contacts.

K6TU.NET has a database of the locations of nearly 2M hams around the world.

The Log Analysis prediction takes your upload Cabrillo log and then plots each contact your made as an overlay on the propagation prediction for that band/hour.

A great way to see how band selection played into both QSO rate and necessary multipliers.

DX Predictions

Quickly see the likely propagation to any DX location – all bands and for the full days.

An easy to read graphic that shows open bands and the predicted signal strength for your station at the DX location.

Accessible right from the front page with just a couple of clicks…

Instant Predictions

Get instant predictions to either a DX location for all bands or for a given band/hour with just a couple of clicks.

Click the Go! button and the results are overload right on the browser page.

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