TX5S – Clipperton Island (January 2024)


This is a free service provided to DXpeditions by K6TU.NET.  You do NOT need to be registered to use  this service.  Please fill in the form below to obtain a propagation prediction for the DXPedition whose callsign appears at the top of this page.  The prediction is based on the location of the DXpedition, the month and year of their operation together with the specific station configurations being used by the DXpedition with the transmitter power and antenna configuration for each band.

NOTE:  On the lower bands (80m and 40m), you may find conditions better than predicted if the grayline (solar terminator) covers both your location and that of the DXpedition at either sunrise or sunset.

Please feel free to try all the services available on K6TU.NET – click on the “K6TU Portal” button at the bottom of the page to create an account with a free 30-day trial for all services.  At the end of the 30 day trial, full access is available by subscription.  Several services including the on-demand predictions and the terrain profile generation are available to all registered users regardless of whether you choose to subscribe.


Fill in the form below with your CALLSIGN, Maidenhead Locator and then select the antenna configuration that most closely matches your station antennas.

Click Go! when done.

Enter your station callsign - this is used to personalize your prediction and make sure you get the result for your station.

Enter the 4-character Maidenhead locator where your station is located. For example: CM87

Select the antenna configuration which most closely matches your station.

Station Configurations


Configuration Description
All Band Vertical Vertical antenna with all band support either with loading elements or an antenna tuner.
Dipole/Vertical Dipole for 80/40 and a vertical for the other bands.
Tri-Bander & Wires Tri-bander yagi (including WARC bands) @ 35′ AGL with 2 elements per band. Dipole antennas at modest height for 30m, 40m and 80m
Serious Dx’er 2 element yagi for 40m @ 55′, 3 element Yagi @ 55′ for 30m through 10m. Quarter wave vertical for 80m.
Expert Dx’er 4 square or similar gain antenna for 80m. 3 element yagi for 30m and 40m @ 75′ 4 element yagi for 20m through 10m at 75′

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